Screening Report: THE CAT AND THE CANARY (1927) at Nitehawk Cinema

Following my thoughts on the two different soundtracks for Wings, this is a completely different take on a silent movie soundtrack – love the idea of it!

cinematically insane

1There were no electric guitars or digital loop stations in the 1920s. But that didn’t stop musicians Clifton Hyde and Zach Eichenhorn from using them to accompany a 1927 horror film at Nitehawk Cinema in Brooklyn yesterday.

“I have no problem with purists, I’m just not one,” Hyde said after a screening of Paul Leni’s THE CAT AND THE CANARY (1927) at the Williamsburg “cinema eatery,” part of Nitehawk’s Vamps and Virgins series of silent films. “It’s important for me, when I arrange all of these, not to do the typical thing.”

Hyde and Eichenhorn’s accompaniment was anything but typical. But the soundscapes they created were an exhilarating compliment to Leni’s Expressionistic “old dark house” classic, starring Laura La Plante as the beautiful heir to a dead lunatic’s fortune. From a subtle recreation of the sputter of the Universal Pictures plane logo, to a sassy bluegrass riff as a man…

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