2. The Broadway Melody – A-One Step Forward and A-Two Steps Back

Well, I’ve waded through the primordial slime of Wings – which turned out not to be so primordial – and arrived at my second post!  Director: Harry Beaumont Producer: Irving Thalberg Studio: MGM Written by: Norman Houston and James Gleason, from a story by Edmund Goulding Songs: Nacio Herb Brown (music), Arthur Freed (lyrics) Choreography: […]

1. Wings – the original Top Gun

This is so exciting – welcome to my first ever Oscar Best Picture evolutionary post! In Oscar terms, we are at primordial soup stage. Messy, yes – but oozing with potential! Director: William A. Wellman Writers: John Monk Saunders (original story), Louis D. Lighton and Hope Loring (screenplay) Producer: Lucien Hubbard Studio: Paramount Pictures Genre: […]